Academic Advisors

How does 49er Rebound work?

49er Rebound is an academic recovery program for first and second semester students on Academic Probation. We rely on our faculty and staff partners along with our College Representatives to help students understand the requirements and enroll in the program.

How to refer:

If you meet with a student who may be eligible for 49er Rebound, please refer them to their College Representative to get enrolled in the 49er Rebound option of their choice.

How to enroll:

Students should attend a 49er Rebound workshop to enroll in the option of their choice. If they cannot attend a workshop, they will need to meet with their College Representative to complete enrollment.

How can I determine eligibility?

You can determine if a student is 49er Rebound eligible by reviewing their Unofficial or Advising Transcript to determine if they are on Academic Probation. You can also check Connect Notes to see if they have been labeled as 49er Rebound Eligible. If you are unsure after checking these two places, you can always contact your area College Representative or email

Participation Criteria:
  • 49er Rebound is reserved exclusively for students who were placed on academic probation following their first or second semester of enrollment at UNC Charlotte. In order to be on academic probation, a student will have a cumulative GPA less than 2.0. If you’d like more information on academic standing policies at UNC Charlotte, check out these resources: our Academic Standing page, Niner Central, Office of the Provost.
  • If a student does not meet to above criteria, we encourage you to refer these students to one of our many academic success resources in the University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE). Of course, if you feel a student has a special circumstance that might warrant their participation in 49er Rebound, please email

What are the options?

49er Rebound is a comprehensive support program with three options. Students are required to enroll in one if they are on Academic Probation as a result of their first semester of enrollment at UNC Charlotte.

  • SOS Peer Mentoring is a personalized one-on-one peer mentoring program housed within the University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE). Participants meet for one hour each week over the course of one semester. This option might be best for students seeking close accountability with a peer mentor, a student with a diverse background (veteran, adult student, parent, etc.), or a student with schedule constraints that prevents them from registering for the other two options.
  • UCOL 1300: Academic Success Seminar is the class-based option offered by 49er Rebound. This is a graded, 2-credit hour course designed to focus on academic skills and understanding campus resources. Students become part of a small classroom community that fosters connections with other students and the instructor. This class might be best for a student who has room in their schedule and is looking for an option that directly impacts their GPA.
  • UCOL 1305: 49er Focus A zero credit academic seminar designed to help students find greater success in college and in life. The focus is on maximizing effective study strategies, locating and utilizing resources, and identifying learning preferences to enhance academic performance

How does a student “complete” 49er Rebound?

Completion of 49er Rebound depends on the option the student chooses. Completion thresholds were agreed on by the Colleges. Students who earn an A or B in UCOL 1300, attend 6 of the 8 UCOL 1305 sessions, or attend at least 10 SOS peer mentoring sessions are considered “complete.”

How do we communicate eligibility with students?

The 49er Rebound Committee meets to review all student communications each semester. The 49er Rebound population will receive two official university communications. The first is from the Office of the Registrar notifying them of their placement on Academic Probation. The second is a letter from their College, in partnership with the 49er Rebound program, notifying them of their required participation in the program. The letter from the 49er Rebound program highlights participation expectations and encourages students to see this experience as a growth opportunity. College Representatives follow up with students via email to help them enroll in the program.

How does a student land in academic difficulty?

There is no set formula that leads to academic difficulty, however, our research and experience shows that a number of diverse situations impact academic performance. In many cases, academic difficulty is the result of external factors.

Our observations:

The overwhelming majority of 49er Rebound students are well-intentioned, prepared, and want to succeed at UNC Charlotte. However, factors like work schedules, mental and physical health, finances, families, relationship issues, transportation, etc often interfere with their capacity to perform to the best of their ability.​ 49er Rebound recognizes students come to us with unique circumstances and we work to address those through the three program options.