Course Recommendations


Take the time to review your Fall 2024 schedule in light of your Spring 2024 performance. Please know your Academic Advisor and 49er Rebound College Representative are available to answer questions about your course schedule to ensure your academic success.

  1. Pre-requisites: If you are registered for a class and failed the prerequisite for that course, you must make a change. If you got a D, you should seriously consider whether continuing in the sequence is wise.
  2. Course Load: Are you taking the right number of hours? Do you have a good balance between your academic commitments and those at work or home?
  3. Play to Your Strengths: You must focus on improving your overall academic standing. If there are subjects in which you are likely to earn better grades, take those classes; if there are subjects that are problematic for you, consider taking them when you are back in good academic standing.
  4. Social/Personal Life: Consider whether your social or personal life is contributing to or detracting from your academic performance. What changes do you need to make?
  5. Financial Aid: If you receive financial aid, your academic performance may have affected your eligibility. Be sure to check with Niner Central about the rules of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  6. Grade Replacement: If you repeat a course using the Grade Replacement policy, you can improve your academic record. You should be reasonably confident that repeating the course with a Grade Replacement will result in a significantly better grade